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Our Services

Emergency Deliveries

Canuck Express is an emergency transportation specialist. Our trucks are available 24/7 for loads of any size within GTA and Ontario.

Same Day LTL Deliveries

Less-than-truckload orders can be processed in 24 hours and delivered same day or next morning.

Scheduled Deliveries

As a dedicated carrier, Canuck Express delivers loads on a regular schedule.

Back-up Carrier

We also offer our service to other transportation companies and companies that dispose their own fleets as a back-up carrier.

Warehouse Deliveries

We have an extended experience delivering loads to and from all major Distribution Centres in the Greater Toronto Area. Our dispatchers and drivers are trained accordingly and trucks are regularly inspected to comply with warehouses safety requirements.

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We offer competitive pricing based on unique requirements of every load. Register and get a free quote for your delivery. Emergency orders are being processed immediately.Quotation mark.

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